Sunset Themes for Blackberry (Premium)

Inspiring from beautiful nature, I create The Sunset Themes.

– 24 Icon on home screen with 4 click-able page
– Owner name and description
– Using Icon OS 7
– Friendly Wallpaper

Note :
for Owner and description if not appear on home screen,
Please to change to other or default theme and back to Sunset Theme.

Don’t forget to let us know how you like this theme by leaving a review.

This themes available for Blackberry 85xx (OS 5), 89xx (OS 5), 90xx (OS 5), 93xx (OS 5 & 6), 95xx (OS 5), 96xx (OS 5 & 6), 97xx (OS 5 & 6) and 9800 (OS 6)

Link :

If you have any question or technical support, feel free to contact us.


One Response to Sunset Themes for Blackberry (Premium)

  1. roni says:

    I love this theme

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