My Identity Themes for Blackberry

Features of My Identity Themes for Blackberry are :
– Icon OS 7
– 18 Icon with slide
– Application text with slide
– Your name and description
– Shoot and Share at home screen so you can upload to Twitter or Facebook

Teaser Home Screen

Application Screen

is not finish yet… 😀 but if you like it… please give your comment, tumbs up or anything to this subject…

Thank You..


4 Responses to My Identity Themes for Blackberry

  1. donny says:

    Jgn lupa buat 9300 os6 ku ya bang (◦˘⌣˘◦)

  2. agus says:

    Dibuat model kayak window 7 dunk ßя☺ tampilan home scrennya sehingga kayak buka folder by pc itu lhooo

  3. alfa says:

    Keren nih, simple, kalo boleh bikin yg warna biru, ditunggu uploadannya, thanks

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