My Pictures Themes for Blackberry Themes Rev01

Inspired from many request about themes that Blackberry User want a girl/boy friend pictures is in their handheld. So I try develop a simple themes that I hope you will like it..

– Icon OS 7
– Changing Background and Icon
– One Pictures of your Profile
– Your Name

Note for Changing Background ;
Rename JPG picture and place them in folder “Blackberry/pictures/HDI_Themes/” in your memory card

My_Themes00 is for Your Pictures Profile
My_Themes01 is for your Icon No 1 and Wallpaper No 1
My_Themes02 is for your Icon No 2 and Wallpaper No 2
My_Themes03 is for your Icon No 3 and Wallpaper No 3
My_Themes04 is for your Icon No 4 and Wallpaper No 4
My_Themes05 is for your Icon No 5 and Wallpaper No 5
My_Themes06 is for your Icon No 6 and Wallpaper No 6

wallpaper size that I made is 400 x 260 Pixel (97xx)

This is a teaser for you..

Do you want to download it?

for now its only for 97xx OS 6 Click Here or if you want to save it on your memory card, you can download a zip file

this is pictures that i made for this themes
– Transformer : download
– Walt Disney : Soon
– Superman : Soon
– Doraemon : Download
– Automotive

if you like it or you want it, please give comment on my blog… another type will be develop soon… just follow my twit and you will know it..

and the last… 😀
if you want to donate.. i will be greatfull… 🙂

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Hadi Ismail
Cabang Wisma IKPT

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Hadi Ismail
Cabang Jatinegara

twitter : @hadi_ismail
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10 Responses to My Pictures Themes for Blackberry Themes Rev01

  1. Om cara munculkan Nama kita gimana yah ?

  2. om cara bikin nama kita kaya punya om yg Hadi Ismail itu gimana yahh ? tolong kasih tau dong

  3. mastah
    bole rikues ?
    warna background na diganti jadi merah bole ?
    coz warna biru ndak cocok dgn selera nubie ne :malu:

  4. mastah kalo req misal backgroundnya jadi foto yg kita inginkan apa boleh ?

  5. Billy says:

    Om,teaser-01 buat 8520 ada πğğãЌ??
    ⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌ː̗̀✽̤̥̈̊[τнäиκчöü]✽̤̥̈̊ː̖́·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣ om

  6. miko_kidz says:

    Kok gak bisa ya om?themes udah jadi,picture nya pun udah,foldernya udah juga,tapi kok tetap kosong ya di themes nya?

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